Our Officers

President:  Juan Cruz Mayol (’16)

Juan Cruz is an Engineering and Economics Double Degree from Argentina. He travelled with W&L EWB to Guatemala in April 2014, and is currently planning future projects in Belize and Argentina. He will also be the Co-President of Sigma Pi Sigma, the physics honor society, during the next academic year.

The president is tasked with coordinating all other members of the club so that the most can be achieved through a directed effort. Makes decisions in a timely manner and researches new opportunities for the club. Keeps in mind the long-term goal of a stable partnership with an NGO.

Vice-President: Nina Preston (’16)


Nina is an Environmental Studies and Spanish Double Major. She will be traveling to Bolivia this June of 2014 and continuing to explore  water sanitation projects in Argentina in 2015. Nina is also a member of a student-tutoring organization ESOL and is interested in the development of local projects organized by EWB. She enjoys the great outdoors, biking, singing, and traveling.

The Vice-President supports the president in his duties when he cannot be present and directs a portion of EWB team when multiple projects are underway.

Treasurer: Annie Jeckovich (’18)


The treasurer will manage all cash flow within the organization. All EWB officers will refer to the treasurer prior to making a purchase. The treasurer will organize fundraisers, facilitate donations, and attend all EC funding meetings.

Secretary: Perry O’Connor (’17)


Maintains the website, spreads the word about EWB around campus through posters and talks, summarizes meetings and events, and communicates with partner organizations when directed.

Director of International Projects: Angel Vela de la Garza Evia (’18)


The Director of International Projects is in charge of educating and preparing students for travel abroad. This includes training sessions concerning specific skills and languages.

Director of Local Projects: Matt Lubas (18′)


Will form connections with local organizations and individuals to plan events that will provide building/engineering experience, strengthen team spirit, and benefit the community.

VMI Coordinator: Sabin Nshimyumukiza (18′)


Tasked with continuing the dialog between VMI Keydets Without Borders and W&L’s EWB club in order to better share information and collaborate on projects.

Faculty Club Adviser: Jon Erickson


Professor Erickson is an Assistant Professor in the W&L Physics–Engineering department. He travelled to Bolivia in 2011 and 2012, and well as Guatemala in 2013. He will be returning to Guatemala in April 2014. Professor Erickson teaches courses such as Bioengineering and Bioinspired Design, Electric Circuits, and The Physics of Music. He enjoys a good run, playing with his new baby, and spending quality time eating tacos with his wife.