Our Officers

President:  Matt Lubas (’18)

The president is tasked with coordinating all other members of the club so that the most can be achieved through a directed effort. Makes decisions in a timely manner and researches new opportunities for the club. Keeps in mind the long-term goal of a stable partnership with local and international partners.

Treasurer/Fundraising Chair: Natalie Smith (’18)


The treasurer/fundraising chair will submit yearly EC budget requests, develop and coordinate fundraising opportunities, and  will manage all cash flow within the organization.  All ECD officers will refer to the treasurer prior to making a purchase. 

Secretary: Madu Chiedozie (’20)


Maintains club meeting minutes and distributed advertisements about ECD events around campus through posters and talks.

Engineering World Health (EWH) chair: Yoko Koyama (’19)


The EWH chair is in charge of maintaining EWH yearly membership, and coordinating W&L ECD club efforts with Engineering World Health (ewh.org)

Director of Local Projects: Justin Pusztay (20′)


Will form connections with local organizations and individuals to plan events that will provide building/engineering experience, strengthen team spirit, and benefit the community.

Social Media/Marketing Chair: Ryder Babik (19′)


The social media chair will bein charge of all digital communications, and maintaining an up-to-date website.

Faculty Club Advisers: Jon Erickson and Joel Kuehner

ericksonj@wlu.edu and kuehnerj@wlu.edu

Professor Erickson is an Associate Professor in the W&L Physics–Engineering department. He has traveled to Pampoyo, Bolivia in 2011 and 2012, and well as the Lago Atitlan area of Guatemala in 2013 and 2014 to help implement clean water projects.


Professor Kuehner is Professor and Dept Head of the Physics-Engineering department.  He plays an active role in identifying and developing resources to support the clubs various projects.